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There are lots of people nowadays having problems with a relationship in real life. Some because of lack of time, some due to timidity, others because of the fair of failure - it doesn’t matter since it is all blocking you the same way. That’s why there appeared dating sites. Let me tell you about one of the decent ones where you still can get a couple or a hookup. Please welcome my SPdate review!
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spdate review

What and Who Are SPdate?

SPdate dating site has been the property of the so-called Digital International Inc. They are existing as a platform for people to find their hookup. They are not for married people, or for older ones. Based on what you will see it’s more like a social network type site, where you can chat, share photos and other common stuff. So their main dedication is 21-35 (on average, not binding) looking for the hookup and loving being social. On top of that, it has similar algorithms as on Tinder which makes it even easier to use.

spdate interface

SPdate: Is it Easy to Use?

In terms of usability of its interface, if you have ever used any social network than you would rather have no single problem with it. This dating site is just that easy. You get all the things on the left part of the screen where you can browse the categories, and on the center, there is a newsfeed where you get users activity, new photos and other things. You can “like” what you like or leave a comment. So it is more Facebook type than other dating sites.

In terms of designs, there is now typical blue or red colors or is completed in dark grey, which doesn’t stress your eyes or does a hidden unconscious attraction of users. Since when you have something that attracts people on their own - you don’t need all those NLP stuff.

SPdate: How to Sign Up?

Well, the way it is easy to use, the same way it is easy to complete registration there. You could actually easily use your Facebook or Google Plus accounts for signing up. Registration is free of charge, so there is nothing more especially to tell about.

spdate signup

SPdate: What is Special?

What makes SPdate different from other dating sites is that you don’t just see a photo with name/location, but you also get a full profile with personal preferences, interest and etc. you can easily check the music one likes or their favorite shows on Netflix. This makes it more social and differs from those pay-to-write and pay-to-like dating sites.

They also have lots of common features like:

  • integration of social networks;
  • top-rated users lists;
  • “discover” users function;
  • visitors and blacklists;
  • different chatting setups.

So as already mentioned, the main feature is the resemblance of SPdate.com to the well-known social media, all other sense is just the same to others.

SPdate: Who is There?

There is, unfortunately, no place to check the number of people registered there, but surely there are always around 1-2k online. Mostly are men for sure, but you can easily find some girls there and chat with them. As mentioned the average public there is 21-35 yo. Anyway, with the discovery feature, you can just fill out the gaps and find who you want by age, gender, location or others.

spdate user

So basically there are people around the globe willing to get their hookup, be it for the long or short term. Anyways I had my doubts out there also, but you need to check all by yourself and try if there’s is such a possibility to meet someone for you. I guess you already know that even by not being a scam, you still need to do your best to hook someone. For me, it didn’t happen right from scratch, and I also met some bots (from what I think), but I found 2 girls with who I can easily hang out now.

Are there girls?

This is the main question interesting to all, and the answers are “yes”, there are. As I’ve told already, you can check them, chat with them, like them and etc. Anyway, I had a feeling there were some bots since they provide strange answers or just never reply. Nevertheless, there are some real ones, and this is 100% info.

It really resembles Instagram and Tinder in those ways, so you can easily like or write directly to anyone that meets your expectations. Afterward, just wait for your luck.

spdate chat

What is also worth mentioning, and this is not the best thing, you don’t get their sex preferences or possibility to chat or do video online.

SPdate: How Much to Pay?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Their service is completely free of charge and you can all the access right away. There are no inside-currency, no subscription fee or other costly gifts. Also, there is no payment for some kind of chats, photo openings, or videos.

SPdate: Scam or Not?

What can I say, I don’t know who of you people can have this question after my previous statement. But still better to repeat. They cannot be a scam since there is nothing to pay for there. They don’t ask your banking data, nor they have an online shop or other things like this.

So SPdate is not a scam due to the fact it just can’t be one by definition. They probably use some bots, but even if yes, I guess all service nowadays do so, at least this guys don’t demand money from you. Plus the most part is surely normal girls.

SPdate: Customer Support

Didn’t see anything like customer support, the good thing is I never had to use it, but in general, this is the one they need to work on. Since never have used this one, can’t provide any comment on how they work. Still, they need to make it visible because someone might need their help.

SPdate: Pros and Cons

Well, let's do it the old way and will be able to see it the main factors.


  • Social network friendly;
  • Free of charge;
  • Real to find girls;
  • Easy to use.


  • No visible customer support;
  • No online video chat;
  • No mobile version.

SPdate - Summary

You have seen that as for every medal there are both sides, it is the same here. SPdate.com dating site has its own pros and cons but generally is good for finding girls. I guess the pros overweigh the cons and make it an easy choice. There are lots of features available. On top of that, you get something similar to FB instead of getting another dating site. And for the acing, the main thing is that it is not a scam by definition. You can try all the things for free and then decide for yourself what to do. Thumbs up from my side.

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EESHA, you need to edit your profile. You can add the photo at the profile settings
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