How to Write a Perfect Dating Profile?

Every day hundreds of people create their profiles on dating sites. They all seem very similar, yet there are some that catch your attention once you notice them. What is their secret? What did those people do to make themselves noticeable? And what should you do to make your profile catchy? Let’s find out!

Choose The Right Photos

Even though some of you may say that appearance is not the main thing you are looking for, any person will pay attention to a nice photo. Isn’t it? That’s why you have to be very selective when it goes about the profile photos.

There should definitely be your portrait and a full-body photo to let the person who is interested in you see you the way you are. Choose only high-quality pictures to let your potential partner understand that your profile is important to you. Besides, the statistics say that a photo where you are smiling attracts about 50% more profile viewers.

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A profile gallery is a great place to tell about your hobbies and values. You may add a picture where you are with your kids or the one where you do the thing you are passionate about. In case there’s a limit on the number of photographs make sure they are all different. 10 pics from your holiday in Hawaii won’t be able to tell much about you.

Be Positive

Creating a profile for online dating, you have to concentrate on your positive qualities. Tell people about the things you like, your positive sides. Still, a bit of self-criticism (like “I’m a bad dancer”) should be present not to make the profile too sweet.

When speaking about the person you are looking for, enumerate the traits of character you would like to find: kindness, care, supportiveness, and the likewise things. Avoid mentioning your previous failures and negative attitude towards your exes. It will only push away your potential date.

Be Honest

Who doesn’t like to embellish things when they speak about themselves? However, dating sites for singles are not the place where you have to do this. Especially, if your intentions are serious, and you really want to find love.

Be honest from the very beginning. A lie is not the best thing to start relations with. Stay yourself and don’t invent a person you would like to be. People feel when you are sincere with them.

Speak About Your Interests

No relations exist without communication. Yet to start a conversation with a new person, especially online, can be a bit of a challenge if you know nothing about him. That’s why you should mention some of your interests and hobbies to provide your profile visitor with a topic to address to you with. For example, write that you have a dog or that you love movies with Tom Hanks.

You can also use another trick: ask a question yourself, right in your profile, like “I dream of visiting Brazilian carnival. Would you like to go with me?” or “What is your dream?”. By doing this, you make it easier for a person to write to you first.

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Besides, knowing what is interesting and important to you, a woman can better understand what kind of person you are and whether you have anything in common or not.

Write Briefly

Looking through the profile, you don’t want to read a novel about someone, so does a person reading through your profile page. Hence, it makes sense to write short theses about yourself, but not the story of your life.

Write a sentence or two about different aspects of your living. It will give a fuller picture of you as a person and a partner. Still, you shouldn’t open all the cards at once. There should be something left unsaid. Otherwise, you’ll have nothing more to tell about yourself.

Don’t Leave Gaps

The ratings of the complete profiles are always higher compared to those where there are some empty spaces. You shouldn’t ignore the field where you are asked to write about yourself. Of course, it takes a bit more time to fill in than selecting from the offered variants. However, this is the clause where you can express yourself.