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I have been on the battlefield of “affairs” for some time already and checked lots of sites. My experience has been both failure and success, more of a failure to be honest (mostly because of scam sites there), but still, there was the success, and I decided to share those. There few sites that I can call worthy enough, and that won’t break your expectations. One of them is Ashley Madison (or AM). So here follows the Ashley Madison review!
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ashley madison review

For the basics, dating site Ashley Madison is what I have just called it. It is has been like 17 years already on the “market”. Nevertheless, I joined it the end of 2015, after they had all the drag with that hack attack left behind. They possess themselves as the find affairs platform and have the reputation of a “family breaker” web. But don’t blame the site for that, it’s your own decision and fault always! Be you or the one cheating and get caught, or be you the one who is getting cheated - it means something is lacking in your marriage.

ashley madison main

Ashley Madison Interface

I decided to add this point so you know how it supposes to look like and don’t get into a scam. A screen is also right here. In terms of overall appearance, there is plenty of languages and locations where you could use the service. I guess any lady or gent be it Chinese or British will be able to set up all just fit for her/him.

What I have noted so far also, were the colors, they didn’t hurt my eyes so much and don’t bother you much.

All other good things are right there in the place. You get the searches, can take a look in your neighborhood, chat, check pics, and other common stuff for the dating sites.

ashley madison interface

Ashley Madison Signing

That’s an easy procedure out there. Some basic stuff required for the dating site like login/pass, dob, location and what is your current marital status. Still, there is some difference since they are an affairs platform they care about your privacy (useful for those who have a tendency to “get caught”) - they won’t let you use any account like FB, and even advise you to use/create the non-public email address. I guess some just should give them a big plus for caring about this stuff.

Ashley Madison Features

Well, since there was nothing “specific” invented for the most of dating sites, and many are using just an open API to get the same functions, there are still some trying to do other stuff - AshleyMadison is one of them.

So what are they:

  • “Traveling” - this is a very cool thing I use myself a lot. It can be useful for those having lots of flights during the month. Sometimes it’s over 20 - I know there some feeling me. Back to the topic, when you have it - it will track your location and show you the “victims” around, so you could get the fast thing.
  • “Priority” - there is an extra option to write a priority message that makes it first to see for the ones you write. Useful if there is a popular lady and many are attacking her.
  • “Chatting” - the good thing for this dating site is that you don’t only send messages, or likes (winks here) and gifts - there is also a possibility to go to an online chat with your match.

There are some other common features on AM, as gold status, notifications, and quick reply setup, but those up are the main ones.

Ashley Madison Users

Well, surely there both are gents and ladies, mostly gents I think, but still, there is a big field to work on. The good thing is, that after all this drag with the information leak that included the existence of bots there, they decided to make it much better. I guess that’s what they achieved it since the feeling of speaking with a bit has appeared only a few times maybe. All other seems fine enough, well with its own victories and failures. So far there is a lot of people registered and being active, won’t tell you the exact numbers, but there is always over 5000 ladies being actively online. I guess for my fellow comrades this is the most interesting part (sorry ladies).

shley madison user

The ladies on Ashley Madison

Speaking about it, as I have mentioned there is always someone to wink, write or chat with. A lot of married ladies, not being “done” well by their husbands. I personally met 17. And this is a very nice experience. Yes, as mentioned sometimes you see awkward actions or being blocked just for nothing. Like someone winks you a lot, you ask why not to write and, boom, you get blocked. Surely a bot. But there are those real ones waiting. So this makes not your other scammer platform.

ashley madison chat

Ashley Madison Costs

Now for the hurting part, you always need to pay for fun.

And if you want to find affairs it is also needed. Ever went on a date without any costs? Well with Ashley Madison at least it’s worth it.

For us gents, the subscription has its price, for ladies - there is no. I guess all know for what reasons. There is a guest membership option letting you check the profiles and send winks - but that not really works and you will be offered to buy credits for messaging anyway. So better just do the right thing and get to the deal.

There are some options with subscription types:

  • Basic subscription - costs $59.00 or $0.59 per credit;
  • Classic subscription - $169.00 or $0.34 per credit;
  • Elite subscription - $289.00 or $0.29 per credit.

ashley madison cost

Ashley Madison - Scam or Not?

Well, as I have told previously, for me it is not the scam. Ashley Madison helped me encounter beautiful ladies. Actually, they also got its help. So definitely it works. Also as I told sometimes there is a feeling there are bots, but not so difficult to define their strange actions. But that doesn’t make the site a scam.

If in facts, after they were acquired by another company in 2016, they even made a check by the EY (no need to explain who are those guys), and they actually proved them being legit.

So stacking up this to factors I can surely say that Ashley Madison is not a scam.

Ashley Madison Support

I honestly almost never used customer support out there. Only on the beginning when I had some problem with payment processing I asked them on the status. Got what I wanted. Nothing special, but yeah - it works and there are people to answer your questions. In terms of speed - took around two days to get the problem solved. Can be better, but the first contact was fast enough (during an hour if I remember well).

Ashley Madison Mobile

Another thing worth mentioning is that Ashley Madison has a mobile app both on iOS and Android. This makes it even more convenient to use and if you don’t want to hold anything on your home pc or laptop - it is just a very good thing. It is almost the same as the web page (well there is a bit other design) in terms of functionality. Also if you want to bind or separate both your accounts on laptop or mobile - this is also an option. The app is free on both stores.

Ashley Madison - Conclusion

To sum up my Ashley Madison review I would totally recommend it. It works, with its own pros and cons, but good enough. Actually, let’s do it this way and you will make your own decision.


  • Most out there are real users, proved by me and EY. So they make what they say they allow you to “get an affair”;
  • Many tools to make it more comfortable. Traveling one is best for me. Plus the existence of a mobile app is also good since all those “tools” are always with you;
  • Acceptable price for what you get.


  • There still are some bots. I believe they could remove them totally and it still would be great;
  • Complicated and not well-explained from the start payment system;
  • Since there was once an info leak it makes it possible to repeat with this, but still, that’s a shady possibility.

So you can now see the pros and cons(the last one was to make the score even) by yourself. Now think which is most important and make the decision. You already know the answer.

As for myself, is well-recommended not scam dating site totally proved!

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