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Good day, Gents. This more of a need than only for a will I am writing this review. I know how it is sometimes difficult to find your only one. That is why decided to write for all those hesitating ones the Adam4Adam review. If not for them, I might have resulted to be single so far. So here we go!
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adam4adam review

Adam4Adam is our every day man date man site. It was established years ago, back in 2003. Omg, time is just flying, I still didn’t realize I was gay back then. Nevertheless, back to the topic. This project defines themselves as a gay dating site for browsing, chatting and meeting. They were first in these terms and made it possible to find your couple, be it for life or just sex.

They have almost 11 million users worldwide and anyone, despite your race, culture or religion is welcome in the community.

Adam4Adam Interface

The interface of the site is very comfortable, easy to get all the information and features. It always shows how many people are online right away. In average I would say it is 50-70k daily, from what I recall in my head.

Besides, you get a just awesome searching tool, where you can find lots of specific details starting from basic data like height and weight up to sexual preferences and HIV status.

adam4adam interface

On the top of the page, you can also get access to live cams, movies, and sex shop, where you can purchase all the desired without a problem.

On top of that, there is a wonderful thing you can access called Health Specialists where you can discuss many details or get professional advice with them. But that further on.

Adam4Adam Sign Up

If speaking about registration, it is divided into two phases which can become a bit tiring, but still, this is good since it protects from scammers or kids. At least I hope it does. Well, nevertheless, the first phase is as for most of the sites: username, pass, email and agree with the T&C and approve you are 18+. Afterward, to finish all up you will have to fill out the profile. Not completely but partially: age, gender, city, and to upload a profile photo. It will proceed with the rules acceptations and some captcha, and finally - you are well to the very first gay dating site community.

adam4adam signup

Adam4Adam Features

The site itself doesn’t act only like a platform for dating, but also provide a vast amount of nearby services. So let’s what you will get by joining

  • Live Cams as you already know what it is, the difference is that in A4A community there are three different channels. Each of them requires separate registration, but all of them allow to both check streams online and start video chatting;
  • Sex Shop another thing where you can buy something perfect for yourself or your partner, with ok prices;
  • Movies this is another specific section where you can purchase some great porn. The good thing is that there are different options - you can pay per minute, rent it for the day or purchase it completely;
  • Health specialists the feature where specialist dedicated to STD and HIV studies can provide advice or help complete the checking. They are marked by the red first-aid kits on their profile pic;
  • Party or Trip planning there is a perfect way where you can announce a trip or a party you are going to make and gather more people for it for more fun!
  • Visitor there is a great option creating visitor profile if you are traveling somewhere and would like to get a hookup. No need to create and pay for the new profile.

Adam4Adam Users

This is one huge community out here, with almost 11 million people (mostly for the US) and with 50-70k online daily. Around 10% is streaming videos daily and having fun. As mentioned before this gay dating site is fully open for gay adults despite race, religion or origin.

adam4adam user

I always could find there a great company, be it hookup for a night or some friendly relationship.

In terms of profiles on the web, it very useful since there are many positions which can describe the person in all its shapes. You can see or hide the visits, create a visitor profile, and make both the profile accessible or hidden.

In general, the availability of that amount of languages approves how big and international is our community.

Adam4Adam Costs

Adam4Adam gay dating site has the possibilities to be free of charge or become a member with a payment fee. Honestly saying, it is good enough compared to other sites.

No worries, the free version is not bad, you still can write and receive messages, search connections, see others photos and look for and post mentioned events. There is a limit for 40 messages in a conversation and 20 conversations, afterward, you will need to pay. But I guess it’s more than enough to check how it is.

The VIP access costs $10 per month or $25 for three.

adam4adam cost

Adam4Adam: Scam or Legit?

Many always are afraid of something like a scam, but this one is not that story. Just ask yourself, would they be able to exist over 16 years if they would be scammers? Don’t think so. On top of that, for 6 years, I have never suffered from money loss or something like that. Yes well, not all the toys and movies purchased were worthy enough, but that’s others story.

There are a lot of real men, willing to get into the community. Me personally, I have visited dozens of events, mostly the western side of the US, got over 100 connections, yes, many are friendly ones, but still, it is worth it.

Unfortunately, there is no way they could check if every profile is legit enough, but that’s why you get the blacklist. Just be attentive and careful.

Adam4Adam Customer Support

This one is just great! Really, the longest answers I have waited for was like 30 minutes. You get it both on the web and app versions. It is performed through the application form or email directly. Nothing to complain about them, great work guys!

Adam4Adam Mobile Version

As you probably know, Adam4Adam made apps both for iPhones and Androids. Only in G-market, there were over half a million downloads.

The app is free, easy to access, and can be blind to your account no problem. Unfortunately, only the mobile site version provides completely all the features as the desktop web version. The app itself is more like to have only half of the features, and works more like a tool to stay online, chat, and receive notifications.

Yeah well, they could have made a better design, I think soon they will realize it themselves, but as for functionality - a big plus.

Adam4Adam - Finally

In general, to sum up, Adam4Adam is the best gay dating site out there on the market. The amount of pros we can see is just devastating. You get all those nice features from cams and health care, you can completely try it for free and then move on to the paid version, you can be mobile if needed, you can post or accept an event, and, most importantly, you can meet really great Gents out there!

The cons are so small from my point of view, that it is not even worth mentioning. You will see them by yourself from the review anyway. But as I have always said: want to know something - just try it!

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